Every family has its own traditions. You have no doubt been partaking and enjoying many of your birth family’s traditions and now that you have a family of your own, make it a point to start some traditions of your own. One of the most important things that you should do is to make it a tradition or a ritual to preserve memories in your family. Every little occasion you have and every milestone or memory that you make together as a family should have a small keepsake or souvenir. This means that every time you go on a family holiday, you should pick up a small souvenir that will remind you of that trip and you should ask your children to do the same. All of the memories https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invitation that you pick up or buy should go in to a “memory box” that you can look back on later.

Start your memory box early

You should start your memory box early, from the time before you even had a family of your own. You no doubt have little mementoes lying around in your home of your first dates together or the night your better half proposed to you. It could be anything from a pizza box with the date marked on it to a picture of your first date. You can also have things like your wedding invites at Life is Peachy and other little things from you wedding day in the memory box.

As time goes by, you could have things like baby milestone cards that you can keep in the box with dates and times that important things happened in your baby’s life. This could range from the day your baby said her first words to the day that she walked for the first time.

Expand your memory box

You could even consider taking the memories out of the box and framing them to create a memory wall in your home where you can have pictures and other keepsakes from the most important moments of your life together. You can even have your wedding bouquet dried and framed for the centerpiece of your memory wall. Having a memory wall in your home can be extremely beautiful and it can truly make you feel better on a day that you are feeling down and stressed out with work and adult life in general. Many families take pictures as a family every Christmas for their annual Christmas card. You could do this and frame each picture that you take every year for your memory wall too.